Azerbaijan seeks region-wide stability and peace - former Turkish general

Azerbaijan seeks stability and peace in the country and the region, former military attaché of Türkiye in Azerbaijan, reserve general Yucel Karauz said.

He believes that countries should connect their foreign policy with their national interests, taking regional events into account without jeopardizing their stability. This is exactly what Türkiye and Azerbaijan are doing.

"The geography we live in has enormous geopolitical and strategic implications.

The globe appears to be on the verge of a confrontation that could well be referred to as World War III, with its beginnings seemingly underway. Global trends will inevitably have an impact on nations around the world. Amidst this backdrop, Azerbaijan navigates events with a clear focus on its national interests.

Furthermore, Azerbaijan has chosen its own strategic direction. While siding with Armenia, its southern neighbor puts pressure on Azerbaijan on unrelated matters.

Hence, Azerbaijan prioritizes stability and peace within its borders and the broader region. Collaboration with allied nations is paramount. Azerbaijan and Türkiye remain steadfast allies, actively engaging in global affairs and emphasizing political cooperation," Karauz concluded.



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