Azerbaijan soon to launch project to digitalize insurance sector

Azerbaijan aims to digitalize its insurance sector, the director-general of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA), Ziya Aliyev, said on Monday.

He made the remarks Monday at a ceremony of signing a protocol on cooperation for the integration of the Green Card systems between Azerbaijan’s Compulsory Insurance Bureau and Turkiye’s Motor Insurers’ Bureau in Baku, the chief editor of News.Az reports from the event.

Aliyev noted that CBA will soon launch a project on the digitalization of the country’s insurance sector.

He said that Azerbaijan is going to use Turkiye’s insurance model.

“The Insurance Information Center is Turkiye's largest know-how in this field. We intend to bring it to Azerbaijan and apply it,” the CBA director general added.

The protocol will allow the digital verification of the validity of the Green Cards of both Azerbaijan and Turkiye at the border checkpoints of the two countries. The Parties will exchange information in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation and provide the necessary assistance to customs checkpoints on Green Card data.

The Green Card system, operating under the Working Group on Road Transport of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, was launched in 1949 to facilitate international transport and to regulate losses under the Green Card international system.


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