Azerbaijan spent over $474M to combat COVID-19 in 2021

Azerbaijan spent 807 million manat ($474.7 million) to combat the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s finance minister said on Wednesday.

Samir Sharifov was speaking at a meeting of the parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship, during which the bill “On the execution of the state budget of Azerbaijan for 2021” was discussed, a correspondent of News.Az reports.

Despite the fact that last year 261 million manat ($153.5 million) was allocated to fight the pandemic, this amount was not enough, Sharifov said.

"An additional 266 million manat ($156.4 million) from the State Budget Reserve Fund and 280 million manat ($164.7 million) from the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund were allocated to combat the pandemic,” the minister added.  


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