Azerbaijan starts phase-by-phase demobilization of citizens called up for military service

Azerbaijan’s defense minister signed a relevant order on the fulfillment of the presidential decree on "On demobilization" in the army.

According to the order, servicemen called up for military service on the basis of the presidential order dated September 28 will be demobilized in stages from December 25, 2020 to April 15, 2021, the Defense Ministry informs.

Servicemen will be demobilized in a phase-by-phase manner taking into consideration their age qualification and in accordance with the terms of discharge.

It should be noted that the monetary allowance of officers and warrant officers consists of position salary, the wage for military ranks, and other allowances, considering the military position they were appointed, with the use of the growth-rate established for the military units where they serve. Soldiers and sergeants, in addition to their official salaries assigned in the same manner, are paid a monthly allowance in the amount of 360 manats.

The public will be periodically informed about the demobilization.


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