Azerbaijan starts snail export

Edible snails, rich in protein and other useful substances, are popular in many countries.

Oxu.Az reports with reference to Marja that 70% of demand for snail is met throughout the world.

It is reported that a few countries are engaged in the export of snails. Since this year, Azerbaijan has joined the club of exporters.

One of the companies operating in Azerbaijan started exporting snails this year. The founder of the company noted that the "snail business" is very profitable, and for this reason many families returned from Baku to their villages to collect snails.

Currently, the snails are picked up 30 villages after which they are taken to the collection point in Shemakha. A kilogram of snails is taken for 50 kopecks. After the rains it is possible to collect more snails.

It is also reported that the collected snails lose weight very quickly, so they are immediately sent for processing. After processing, snail meat is stored in refrigerators at a temperature of minus 18 degrees.


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