Azerbaijan to convey concern to US over incident in LA

The concern over the incident in Los Angeles will be brought to the attention of the US embassy in Baku, said Leyla Abdullayeva, spokesperson for Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry. 

Abdullayeva was commenting on the incident in Los Angeles, during which Armenian radicals "hung" a dummy wrapped in the Azerbaijani flag, Trend reports citing the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

“This is a very serious issue,” the spokesperson said, noting that the radical Armenian groups repeatedly take the actions based on hatred against Azerbaijanis.

Abdullayeva recalled that hundreds of Dashnaks attacked Azerbaijanis in front of the Azerbaijani Consulate General in Los Angeles last summer.

“As a result, Azerbaijanis were injured. The Los Angeles Police Department has launched a criminal investigation into ethnic violence. Two people were detained, the search for two more people is underway.”

“Despite 10 months have passed since those events, we regret and are surprised that the main suspects in this crime have not yet been found and brought to justice,” the spokesperson added.

“In this regard, the concern was officially expressed to the US side. Thus, impunity led to another crime committed by radical Armenians based on hatred in Los Angeles, which we have witnessed again.”

“In this regard, our serious concern on this issue will be brought to the attention of the US embassy in Baku,” Abdullayeva concluded.


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