Azerbaijan to institute ‘Rashadat’ order for Armed Forces

Azerbaijan is to institute a new order, “Rashadat (Valor)”, for the Armed Forces.

The draft law on the institution of the new order has already been submitted to parliament by President Ilham Aliyev.
The new order will be awarded to members of the Armed Forces for the following services:
- For professional management of military for units and formations during combat operations that result in the liberation of a strategically important territory, residential area, district, or city from occupation;
- For distinguished service in protecting Azerbaijan’s independence, territorial integrity, and security;
- For distinguished service in rescuing people during emergencies or extreme conditions;
- For distinguished service in protecting the state border, etc.;
The “Rashadat” Order has three degrees, with the 1st degree being the highest.
The draft law will be tabled at a plenary meeting of the parliament on November 14. 


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