Azerbaijan to organize trips to liberated Aghdam

Tours to Azerbaijan's liberated Aghdam city will be organized in the near future for its residents who were forced to leave as a result of the Armenian occupation, State Tourism Agency Chairman Fuad Nagiyev said. 

Noting that Agency's employees often visit the liberated territories and conduct research there, he emphasized the necessity to ensure safety when organizing tours to these areas.

"Aghdam residents will be able to visit their hometown only after a full determination of the rules and routes. We believe that it will be possible to organize the tours already in autumn," he noted.

Moreover, Nagiyev told that it is planned to develop a so-called 'dark tourism' in Karabakh.

"As you know, this practice is widely used in many countries in the world. Part of the ruins in some places of any city is preserved, and tourists visiting these ruins are informed about their history. We plan to implement this concept in Aghdam," he said.

Currently, work is underway to restore Azerbaijan’s liberated territories, with the government allocating $1.5 billion for reconstruction works in 2021. In particular, these funds will be used to restore the infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, communications, roads, education, health, etc), as well as cultural and historical monuments.

Restoration and reconstruction work in recently-liberated territories will be carried out in four stages. The initial stage includes the solution of the issues of governance and security, infrastructure, while the subsequent stages include the solution of the issues of social services activities, reconstruction, and development of the economy.


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