Azerbaijan, Turkey establish joint media platform

Azerbaijan and Turkey have created a joint media platform. 

A bill on the approval of the Memorandum of Understanding "On strategic cooperation in the field of media between Azerbaijan and Turkey" is being discussed at the plenary session of the Azerbaijani parliament on Feb. 1.

In accordance with the document, the joint media platform is aimed at strengthening bilateral Azerbaijani-Turkish relations and cooperation in the field of media and communications and creating a strategic media partnership.

The infrastructure of a healthy media network between the two countries will be created upon the following methods within the platform:

- exchange of knowledge, experience, and sources in the field of media;

- carrying out joint work with the official structures of the two countries operating in the field of media;

- carrying out a joint fight against misinformation found in the international arena and correctly informing the international community;

- implementation of joint work in the field of television and cinema;

- establishing a partnership with representatives of various media outlets;

- organization of vocational education and exchange programs;

- creation of a bridge of communication between representatives of advanced thought of the two countries.

A joint working committee will be created to develop a focused, comprehensive plan for the implementation of a media platform between Turkey and Azerbaijan during the next three months after the Memorandum of Understanding enters into force, the document says.

The bill was put to a vote and adopted in the first reading.


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