Azerbaijan, US discuss strategies to decrease methane emissions

During his visit to the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Energy Parviz Shahbazov has met with US Assistant Secretary for Energy Resources Geoffrey Pyatt at the national pavilion of Azerbaijan established as part of COP28 in Dubai, the Energy Ministry’s press service told News.Az.

Geoffrey Pyatt initially familiarized himself with Azerbaijan`s national pavilion, where he was informed about the country`s green energy and climate policy, its goals, and the implemented green development course.

The sides discussed strategies to decrease methane emissions, establish onshore and offshore green energy capacities in Azerbaijan, produce hydrogen, and facilitate the transmission of electricity and green hydrogen along the Caspian-Black Sea-European Green Energy Corridor.

It was highlighted that by 2027, a total of 1,870 MW of renewable energy capacity will be integrated into the country's energy system.

The discussion also touched upon the potential participation of Central Asian countries in this energy corridor through Azerbaijan. The US Assistant Secretary expressed enthusiasm for the prospect of creating a green energy bridge that spans from Central Asia, traversing Azerbaijan, and extending to the European Union.


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