Azerbaijani army completes process of transferring weapons and military equipment into autumn-winter operation mode (VIDEO)

In accordance with the combat training plan for 2022, several activities on transferring weapons, combat and special equipment into the autumn-winter operation mode were held in the Azerbaijan Army, the Defense Ministry told News.Az. 

All military units were provided with fuel and lubricants, other necessary spare parts, and equipment in a centralized manner to ensure the uninterrupted and stable operation of weapons and equipment, including aircraft during the autumn-winter season.

Units stationed in mountainous areas with harsh climatic conditions were provided with extra supplies. In accordance with the norms, food supplies, warm clothing, and fuel reserves, as well as weapons and ammunition for military personnel that is on combat duty were delivered to the units.

The transfer of weapons and military equipment into the autumn-winter operation mode was completely ensured in all units of the Azerbaijan Army.


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