Azerbaijani community calls on British MPs to recognize Khojaly genocide

The Azerbaijani community in the UK has appealed to the local parliamentarians ahead of the 29th anniversary of the Khojaly genocide.  

The appeal signed by Ulvi Pepinova, Farida Panahova, Narmina Mammadova, Togrul Bagirov and Vusala Kerimova states that on February 26, Azerbaijanis across the globe commemorate one of the darkest pages, a sorrowful wound and a national trauma, the State Committee of Azerbaijan on Work with Diaspora told News.Az.  

It notes that the Khojaly genocide is one of the gravest crimes against humanity and one of the grand massacres of the 20th century like Srebrenica and Songmi.

The Azerbaijani community called on British MPs to read out the appeal in the House of Commons, proclaim 26 February as Khojaly Remembrance Day, sign a resolution condemning the Khojaly genocide and enquire a full trial of the Khojaly genocide executors at the International Tribunal in The Hague.

The Azerbaijani community also urged the international community not to stay silent and make the Khojaly genocide executors accountable.


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