Azerbaijani, French parliament speakers meet in Dublin

Speaker of Azerbaijan’s Mill Majlis Sahiba Gafarova has met with President of the National Assembly of France Yaël Braun-Pivet in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, News.Az reports. 

During the meeting, Sahiba Gafarova criticized France's biased attitude towards Azerbaijan, saying that a lopsided, biased attitude to the situation in the South Caucasus is less than helpful to the efforts to establish lasting peace in our region.

Speaker Sahiba Gafarova recalled that the numerous declarations and resolutions by both chambers of the French parliament that had affected negatively the normalization between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the peace process as a whole. “Those documents contradicted the international law principles whilst also calling into question Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Indeed, all those steps supported separatism in our territory and emboldened the revanchist powers in Armenia,” Gafarova noted.

Recalling Yaël Braun-Pivet’s visit to Armenia in 2023, Sahiba Gafarova said that the French speaker would have had a fine opportunity to learn the Azerbaijani point of view, too, had she travelled to Azerbaijan after Armenia.

“In all the 30 years we had never seen France condemn the Armenian occupation of the Azerbaijani territories and the destruction of our captured towns, villages and heritage, both historical and cultural. France has never spoken up about the rights of the 1 million Azerbaijanis who had faced the Armenian ethnic cleansing policy and had become refugees from Armenia and IDP from Karabakh,” Sahiba Gafarova emphasized.

The Speaker gave detailed information about the local anti-terrorist measures implemented by Azerbaijan in the Karabakh region, as well as the issue of reintegration of Armenian residents.

Speaker Sahiba Gafarova also highlighted the restoration of infrastructure in Karabakh and the humanitarian aid sent to the local population.


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