Azerbaijani, Lithuanian presidents hold meeting

Followıng the official welcome ceremony, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has met with President of the Republic of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda.

President Aliyev said he is confident that his Lithuanian counterpart’s visit to Azerbaijan will contribute significantly to the development of bilateral relations.

“We are satisfied with level of cooperation and during your visit there will be different events, including a business forum. There is a big mutual interest between our business circles to engage in some very practical activities. Of course, our political relations, political dialogue, regional situation, are all issues which we will discuss today and I am very really glad that we have an opportunity to meet in Baku,” the head of state said.

The Azerbaijani president recalled that two years ago he had a meeting with his Lithuanian counterpart via videoconference. “I am grateful for that initiative. That was our first acquaintance. Today I am glad to host you. I am sure that you will feel at home in Azerbaijan and will return back with good memories. So, once again welcome and wish you a pleasant stay,” he added.

Gitanas Nausėda, in turn, thanked the Azerbaijani leader for his hospitality. The Lithuanian president noted that his visit to Azerbaijan is a very good opportunity to give additional stimulus to bilateral ties.

“I hope very much that we will disclose and use this potential which is, of course, in business, which is in other sectors of public life. Of course, the issues which are related to the security situation and region, and cooperation with European Union are critically important too,” he said.

The president stressed that Lithuania was always very keen supporter of a closer dialogue between the Caucasus countries and EU. “We are very keen supporter of Eastern Partnership project and we would like to discuss this issue with you too. Bilateral relations, economic relations are important and I am happy to say that I brought the business delegation and they will have a special event, discuss the issues of possible economic cooperation and we will have the opening speeches there if I remember correctly,” Nausėda added.


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