Azerbaijani minister talks export of agricultural products in 2016

Azerbaijan exported agricultural products in the amount of $426 million in 2016, which is by $73 million or 20.7 percent more than in 2015, Azerbaijani Minister of Agriculture Heydar Asadov said.

Asadov made remarks at a conference dedicated to the results of third year implementation of "The State Program on socio-economic development of the regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2014-2018" in Baku Jan. 30, Trend reports.

The minister added that export of all agricultural products except for potatoes and onions increased for the year.

"Thus, $108 million out of $426 million accounted for the export of tomatoes and cucumbers, $105 million - walnuts and hazelnuts, $24 million - cotton, $8 million – tobacco,” he said. “Azerbaijan exported barley for the first time in 2016 and earned $2.6 million."

As for the import of agricultural products, Asadov said that import of cattle decreased by 46 percent, poultry – by 55 percent, eggs – by 27 percent, barley – by 95 percent, corn – by 45 percent, sheep and goats – by 5 percent in the country in 2016.

"However, Azerbaijan has great opportunities to reduce imports,” he said. “Azerbaijan spent $682 million for the import of agricultural products in 2016.”

Among agricultural products imported by the country in 2016 are tea ($45 million), butter ($48 million), cattle ($41 million), potatoes ($34 million), rice ($32 million), citrus fruits ($17 million), corn ($17 million).

Asadov said that 5.6 billion manat worth of agricultural products were produced in Azerbaijan in 2016, which is by 2.6 percent more than in 2015.

"Thus, production of silkworm increased by 300 times, soybeans – by 2.8 times, cotton - by 2.5 times, green tea leaves – by 75 percent, sugar beets - by 73 percent, rice – by 72 percent, potatoes – by 7.5 percent in the country,” the minister said.


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