Azerbaijani Naval Forces win artillery firing episode during int’l contest (VIDEO)

Servicemen of the Azerbaijani Naval Forces became the winner of the "Artillery firing at a floating target" episode of the "Sea Cup" contest held in Enzeli, Iran, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry told News.Az. 

Participants of the competition fulfilled tasks for the "Artillery firing at a floating target" episode of the “Artillery firing” stage.

According to the terms of the episode, there were combat shootings from artillery installations at a distance of 3,000 m, the execution of the task was observed by the Board of Referees. For the purpose of destroying the targets, the artillery crews were given 40 shells. During the execution of the task, a specially installed shield as a sea target was used.

At the end of the task, the Azerbaijani seamen took first place with 40 points, followed by the Iranian team (36 points), the Russian team (20 points), and the Kazakh team (18 points).

The G122 and G124 Navy ships of Azerbaijan and 66 servicemen take part in the “Sea Cup” contest.


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