Azerbaijani official: Those like Soros cannot mislead international community

George Soros has gone so mad that he acts as a major actor in international relations, the Azerbaijani president’s aide for foreign policy issues, Novruz Mammad

“[Soros] believes that he has the right to decide the destinies of various countries,” said Mammadov.
According to the president’s aide, Azerbaijan’s today’s successes, its growing reputation, socio-economic progress, stability and well-being has become a nightmare for enemies and ill-wishers.  
“Unfortunately, legal nihilism has reached to such an extent on the international arena that some envious countries, organizations, structures, circles and media agencies, by any means, try to undermine the international image of Azerbaijan, spoil its relations with the West and turn it into an object of criticism and condemnation,” Mammadov wrote. “In order to realize their dirty intentions, they resort to any means trying to use all opportunities and the “services” of dishonorable organizations financed by people like Soros and media agencies which are inclined to spread lies and slander.”
Mammadov stressed that those like Soros cannot mislead the international community with these attacks directed against Azerbaijan and its leadership.
“Azerbaijan has gained great reputation worldwide thanks to its fair position, domestic and foreign policy. Azerbaijan continues its path of development with confidence. Let Soros answer, why did nearly 140,000 people sign in a short time a White House petition aimed at declaring him a terrorist and the organizations which he finances illegal?” he added.


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