Azerbaijani ombudsperson responds to CoE commissioner's biased views

Azerbaijani Human Rights Commissioner (Ombudswoman) Sabina Aliyev has said that the statement of her Council of Europe (COE) counterpart regarding the Lachin Road is the continuation of the process of supporting manipulation of the Armenian authorities regarding allegations of the humanitarian situation in Khankandi city of Azerbaijan.

“We expected the COE Commissioner’s deeper research on this issue and more impartial statement, which may serve to normalise the situation and make a significant contribution to the ongoing peace process which is very crucial at present,” she said in a statement, News.Az reports per the Ombudsman’s Office.

Although the Aghdam-Khankandi road is open and proposed for the transportation of all goods for humanitarian aid, the provocative actions and manipulation of Armenia and its supporters create significant obstacles in this regard, she said.

“We invite the COE Commissioner for Human Rights to respect the territorial integrity of the states, study in depth the existing situation in the region, avoid any political manipulation, combat real obstacles undermining the peace-building process, uphold the universal principles of International Law, and ensure justice and accountability,” Ombudsperson added.


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