Azerbaijani ombudsperson responds to unfounded claims published on some websites in Armenian segment

Azerbaijan’s Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) Sabina Aliyeva has responded to unfounded claims published on some websites in the Armenian segment, the Ombudsman’s Office told News.Az. 

“As reported, while confidentially receiving Alen Sargsyan, Vahe Hovsepyan, and Levon Grigoryan, who were detained at the Lachin border crossing point and administratively arrested for 10 days, the Ombudsman learned about the situation of ensuring the rights of those persons according to international acts and national legislation and listened to their requests. In addition, the cell where they were held and the walking area were inspected, and it was found that the detention conditions were in accordance with the standards.

The received persons expressed their satisfaction with the detention conditions, treatment of them, nutrition, as well as medical-psychological assistance. In the course of the visit, the detainees were provided with phone conversations with their family members. All this is a clear example of the humanitarian policy implemented by the Azerbaijani state.

The websites in the Armenian segment try to use the injury on the arm of A. Sargsyan, who was received during the visit, against the humanistic policy of Azerbaijan, although he stated that the injury happened to him while working in their private family farm with his father this year in February.

The fact that the mark on his arm happened a long time ago is more clearly visible in the photo.

In this regard, sharing information about the detainees in a clear manner reaffirms the transparency of the activity.

Unfortunately, as always, Armenia continues its deliberate policy of Azerbaijanophobia, disseminating false information to create a hostile environment.

In order to achieve peace in the region, the Armenian side should refrain from promoting hatred towards Azerbaijanis, and international organizations, on the other hand, should take necessary actions to prevent this policy that is against the fundamental principles of human rights,” the office said.


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