Azerbaijani president signs order to set up new enterprises in Balakhani Industrial Park

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has signed an order on amendments to the presidential decree No. 1947 ‘On the establishment of Balakhani Industrial Park in Baku city’ dated December 28, 2011. 

According to the document, part 2 of the order is given in the following edition:

2. To establish that:

2.1. Balakhani Industrial Park is a territory that has the infrastructure and management structures necessary for entrepreneurial activity, used for production of competitive products and services through the use of modern technologies, contributing to the development of green business;

2.2. In order to ensure rational and efficient use of resources and minimize waste, production enterprises, as well as enterprises for the processing (recycling) of waste and maintenance, are being created on the site of the Balakhani Industrial Park.


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