Azerbaijani President: Success of our outstanding athletes should be an example for all young athletes

“There have been various competitions across the country over the past few years. One of the tasks set before the Minister of Youth and Sports was to revive sports in the regions and hold many competitions,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he addressed a ceremony dedicated to sporting results of 2022, News.Az reports. 

“This policy will contribute to our sporting successes. At the same time, young people, teenagers and children will be involved in sports from a young age, which is of great importance for their upbringing. Sport is also about physical strength, and every person who feels physically fit is usually mentally healthy as well. The success and example of our outstanding athletes should be an example for all young athletes. Because our athletes conduct themselves with dignity in life, in society, in everyday life. They underpin their achievements in sports with their everyday actions. Thus, young people and children have an even greater desire to do sport and emulate our outstanding athletes,” the head of state noted.

“Of course, state support for sport is also of special importance. We have seen it in the example of Azerbaijan that where there is attention to sports and athletes, where there is care, where there is respect, there will be good results, of course,” the President added.


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