Azerbaijanis hold rally in Czech Republic in protest against Armenia's landmine terror

Azerbaijani residents in the Czech Republic organized a large-scale protest rally on Sunday at the Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square) in Prague, initiated by the Czech-Azerbaijan Union.

The rally aimed to bring attention in this European country to the issue of Armenian mine terrorism, the destructive consequences of Armenian occupation in Azerbaijani territories, as well as the double standards of certain European countries towards Azerbaijan, and the aspirations of the Western Azerbaijan Community.

The protest rally united not only members of the Azerbaijani diaspora but also Czech citizens sympathetic to our concerns, along with representatives from other diasporas.

The protest also included the distribution of leaflets to passersby, providing detailed information about Armenia's mine terrorism and the 30-year occupation, which was brought to an end by the victorious Army of Azerbaijan.

The Armenian diaspora`s objections to call off the action at the Prague City Hall failed.


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