Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis appeals to IPOs and foreign parliaments over so-called “elections” in Garabagh

Heads of the Milli Majlis inter-parliamentary relations working groups and the Azerbaijani delegations to the Inter-Parliamentary Organizations have issued an appeal to the leaders of the IPOs and overseas parliaments regarding the illegal act of “elections” held by Armenia-established puppet regime in Azerbaijan’s Garabagh region on 9 September, News.Az reports. 

The appeal noted that the illegal activities of Armenia in the Garabagh Region of Azerbaijan in the form of the so-called ‘presidential elections’ grossly violate not only the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan but also the norms and principles of international law. It stressed that the very existence of the separatist regime is a direct consequence of the policy of aggression and ethnic cleansing conducted by Armenia in the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan for almost 30 years, and that the presence of this regime was made possible by military, political, financial and other support from Armenia.

The appeal emphasized that the latest provocation by Armenia, which has taken place against the background of the peace initiative brought forward resolutely by Azerbaijan after the end of the conflict in 2020 is a serious blow to the regional normalization efforts and reintegration of the ethnically Armenian population within the constitutional framework of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

It also noted that the so-called ‘elections’ once again clearly demonstrates that Armenia is not interested in the peace process. Moreover, the fact that Armenia is preventing Azerbaijan from engaging in a dialogue with the ethnic Armenians living in its sovereign territory is a gross interference in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan and a serious threat to its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Azerbaijani parliamentarians are calling on their colleagues to give a correct political assessment of the steps directed against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and to condemn strongly the illegal activity - the so-called ‘election’.


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