Azerbaijan’s ombudsperson appeals to international organizations

Azerbaijan’s Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) Sabina Aliyeva appealed to the international organizations over the 30th anniversary of the tragedy in Garadaghly village, the Ombudsman’s Office told News.Az.

In her appeal, Aliyeva recalled that 30 years have passed since the genocide in Garadaghly village committed by Armenia against the Azerbaijani civilians.

“The Armenian armed forces committed genocide against the civilians in Garadaghly village of Azerbaijan’s Khojavend district on February 17, 1992,” the ombudsperson said. “As a result of this bloody crime, Garadaghly village was occupied and burned, 118 of civilians were taken hostage and 68 of them were brutally killed.”

“The international organizations must legally assess Armenia’s policy of aggression and ethnic cleansing against the Azerbaijanis, the genocide in Garadaghly. Those who committed this crime against peace and humanity must be brought to the international legal responsibility,” she added.  


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