Azerbaijan’s Russian community expresses protest over liquidation of ARAC

The "Russian community of Azerbaijan" public association has made a statement expressing strong protest over the decision of certain state structures of Russia on the liquidation of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress, the largest public association of Russia, the Republican Council of the Russian community of Azerbaijan told APA on April 4.

The Russian community said it believes that behind this political provocation are certain forces trying to drive a wedge between the friendship and partnership between Russia and Azerbaijan as well as between the Russian and Azerbaijan peoples.  

“The All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress has always carried out its activities within the framework of the laws of the Russian Federation. Social and political stability and loyalty to the political system of Russia have always been a constant priority for the Congress,” the Russian community said in its statement.

The statement further stressed that the liquidation of the All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress, with which the Russian community of Azerbaijan is connected by strong business relations and joint work on the development of cultural and spiritual ties between the Russian and Azerbaijani peoples, certainly concerns the Russian population of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

“The “Russian community of Azerbaijan” public association in its activity always feels support and high attention of the leadership, governmental and state bodies of Azerbaijan,” said the statement.

The Russian community continued: “In Azerbaijan comprehensive support is given to the preservation and development the Russian language and culture. In Azerbaijan there are 350 Russian language schools, and Russian language faculties are functioning at universities where nearly 16,000 students study. The Russian Orthodox Church enjoys state support.”

The statement also emphasized that against the backdrop of Azerbaijan’s active support to the activities of the “Russian community of Azerbaijan” public association, as well as the disrespectful, hostile attitude of Russian state structures towards the authoritative and millions-strong Azerbaijani diaspora and the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress is surprising.

Considering the liquidation of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress a serious political and strategic mistake by some Russian government officials, the Russian community of Azerbaijan expressed hope that the Russian government will take all measures to ensure the preservation of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress, the largest public association of Russia.


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