Azercell conducts certification program for its dealer network

A special certification project for the improvement of the service level will create opportunities to grow qualified personnel in the local market.

Azercell Telecom, the country's leading mobile operator aiming to meet the daily communication needs of its subscribers in easy and efficient way, has successfully managed to provide a range of services on all possible platforms, both before the introduction of social isolation and during the quarantine in the country. At the same time, the company has successfully managed to switch to online format in delivering continuous Training programs for employees, in order to maintain an exemplary approach to customer service culture in Azerbaijan for many years. Another indicator of Azercell's high social responsibility is the initiatives to increase the knowledge and skills of not only its employees, but also the employees of its partners. In this regard, the Dealer Certification Program, launched in February 2020, is designed for more than 300 employees of Azercell's extensive dealers network.

Taking advantage of the experience of international communication providers, Azercell Telecom was the first company in the country to develop and implement a multi-level certification program, which was easily continued online in quarantine conditions. These trainings cover areas that are important in the modern business environment such as Azercell's services and products, documentation rules, mastering various software for subscriber operations, basics of mobile network technology, information security rules, customer service skills, sales skills, online sales management, as well as negotiation skills, stress management and time management.

The main goal of the program conducted by Azercell Academy, recognized by various companies operating in the country, is to apply Azercell's service quality standards in all dealer points, increase customer experience and customer satisfaction, train specialized personnel for the labor market, and expand employment opportunities for the younger generation. Another advantage of Azercell's Dealer Certification Program is that all employees are issued a Certificate of Achievement with a QR code and validity period for the first time in this particular field.

Azercell Telecom will continue its initiatives in order to meet the highest standards of customer service and customer satisfaction, as well as to train professional staff.


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