Baku about Yerevan's new military adventure

Information about the alleged advancement of the internal police forces of Armenia is a military adventure and serves to aggravate the situation.

According to Oxu.Az, spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, Hikmat Hajiyev, said this, commenting on the announcement about the decision to deploy Armenian internal troops in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, circulated in the Armenian media with reference to the government of this country.

According to him, in violation of international law, most of the personnel and hardware of the armed forces of Armenia are concentrated in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan:

"The deployment of internal troops in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan serves as clear evidence of the deplorable situation of the Armenian army and serious problems in the composition of its personnel.

"Along with this, the populist leadership of Armenia, faced with serious difficulties in resolving the country's social and economic problems, tries to manipulate public opinion and maintain its rating by manipulating this kind of tension and military rhetoric.

"The deployment of Armenian internal troops in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, instead of withdrawing its troops from there, once again demonstrates that Armenia is an occupier state and official Yerevan is not interested in settling the conflict through negotiations.

"The responsibility for the current situation lies entirely with Armenia," the spokesman said.



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