Baku Initiative Group strongly condems France’s illegal detention of Corsican pro-independence activists

The Baku Initiative Group (BIG) strongly condemned the illegal detention of Corsica independence activists and their family members by French police after the successful holding of the Nazione movement's Main Constituent Assembly, News.Az reports.

Around 700 people in Corsica on January 28 founded the new Nazione movement, which unites pro-independence structures and activists and reaffirms their current and future commitment to the struggle against colonial domination, the BIG said in a statement.

"Two days after Corsicans freely expressed their wishes, two Nazione activists were detained at the Borgou military camp on January 30. Their family members and another activist were summoned to the Bastia police station in the late afternoon.

The methods chosen by the French search and rescue team to arrest the activists—broken doors, destroyed houses, and parents being thrown to the ground and held down in front of their children at the risk of injuring them— are a disgrace to a country that positions itself as the "home of human rights." Illegal harassment by the police continues and is aimed at intimidating Corsicans.


We strongly condemn the illegal actions of the French law enforcement authorities.

We urge the French authorities to respect the principles of justice and human rights and to ensure that such measures are not repeated in the future. The freedom of the Corsican people to freely assemble and the right to freely express their wishes must be guaranteed by the French government.

We urge the French government to refrain from exerting pressure on the colonial peoples.

We demand the immediate release of all detainees.

We invite other non-governmental organizations and political movements to join this statement and support the Nazione movement," the statement reads.



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