Baku says joint Azerbaijani-Turkish tactical exercises in Lachin serve ‘regional stability’

The joint Azerbaijani-Turkish tactical military exercises in Azerbaijan’s Lachin district serve to ensure regional stability, said Leyla Abdullayeva, spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry.

Abdullayeva made the remarks commenting on the claims of the Armenian Foreign Ministry that the holding of joint Azerbaijani-Turkish exercises in the Lachin district contradicts the trilateral statement of November 10, 2020, and undermines peace and security.

Abdullayeva stressed that it is the sovereign right of every state to conduct various exercises in the territory within its international borders.

“To date, Azerbaijan has conducted numerous military exercises on its territory, including joint exercises with the participation of partner countries. The joint tactical training launched in Lachin district is of similar origin and serves to ensure peace and stability in the region,” she said.

“We would like to draw the attention of the Armenian Foreign Ministry to the fact that the threat to regional peace and security is not a conduct of a military training by a state on its own territory, but is to make claims to the territories of another state, to pursue a policy of military aggression, to keep the territories of another state under occupation and, finally, to violate the principles of international law, as Armenia has done for many years.”

“If Armenia wants to ensure peace and security in the region, then it must fulfill its own obligations,” the spokesperson added.


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