Baku says President Ilham Aliyev’s trips to Azerbaijani territories cannot be subject of Armenian MFA’s comments

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s trips to the country’s territories cannot be the subject of comments by Armenia’s Foreign Ministry, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

The Azerbaijani ministry was commenting on the statement voiced by Armenia’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday.

“Before talking about non-existent destruction, the Armenian Foreign Ministry should not forget about the plundering of the historical, cultural and religious heritage, as well as about the policy of "cleansing" carried out by Armenia in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan for almost 30 years, including the desecration of hundreds of monuments, complete destruction of 63 mosques,” the ministry noted.

“The Armenian side still does not understand the need to move away from such rhetoric and focus on the implementation of the signed trilateral statements. Poisoning its population with revanchist and dangerous ideas does not bode well for Armenia,“ it added.


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