Baku slams Armenian foreign minister’s statement on Karabakh as unfounded

Azerbaijan enjoys mutually beneficial and successfully developing relations with international organizations, said Leyla Abdullayeva, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry.

She was commenting on the Armenian foreign minister’s statement about Azerbaijan's alleged obstruction of the activities of international organizations in Karabakh, the Foreign Ministry told News.Az.

Abdullayeva noted that Azerbaijan’s active participation in multilateral platforms, as well as the successful experience of chairmanship in a number of organizations are well-known.

“We bring to the attention of the Armenian Foreign Minister that the activity of any international organization in the sovereign lands of our country is a bilateral issue between Azerbaijan and the related international organization. The comment of the representative of the third side on this issue is inappropriate and baseless. The Armenian Foreign Minister should rather comment on the issues related to the implementation of his country's commitments and the peace building in the region,” the spokesperson said.

“As for the activities of international organizations in Azerbaijan, we would like to remind you that in accordance with the UN General Assembly resolution on the coordination of humanitarian aid dated December 19, 1991, such activities must be based on respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the host country. The activities of international organizations in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan are carried out in accordance with this principle,” Abdullayeva added.   


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