Britain announces new Myanmar sanctions

Britain announced new Myanmar sanctions, saying it was targeting a key business associate of the military junta for providing arms and financial support following a coup earlier this year, Reuters reported. 

Britain's foreign ministry said it would impose an asset freeze on conglomerate Htoo Group of Companies and its founder Tay Za, adding that the tycoon was involved in arms deals on behalf of the military junta.

It also said Htoo contributed funds to Rohingya clearance operations in 2017.

Britain has previously imposed sanctions on individuals and entities in Myanmar following the February coup. read more

"The military junta has shown no signs of halting its brutal attack on the people of Myanmar," foreign minister Dominic Raab said in a statement.

"Along with our partners, the UK will continue to restrict the junta's access to finance and the supply of arms used to kill innocents, including children, and target those who support the junta's actions."


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