Cabinet of Ministers amends resolution on provision of benefits to persons flying on Baku-Nakhchivan-Baku route

On June 6, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan amended the Resolution No. 210 dated December 27, 2007 “On the Provision of Benefits to Persons Flying on the Baku-Nakhchivan and Nakhchivan-Baku Routes”

The amount of the discount for each passenger who is a citizen of Azerbaijan has been reduced to AZN 10. Earlier this amount was AZN 20.

Thus, the cost of air tickets for Baku-Nakhchivan and Nakhchivan-Baku routes will be set as AZN 60.

In addition, discounts are provided for passengers of a number of categories on these flights. The discount of AZN 10 applies to children from 2 to 12 years old, disabled children under the age of 18, students, as well as persons with category I or II disabilities.


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