CIS Sec-Gen thanks Azerbaijan for organizing presidential election at exemplary level

On February 8, the 13-member observation mission of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) held a press conference on the outcomes of the Azerbaijani snap presidential election held on February 7, News.Az reports. 

Addressing the conference, Sergey Lebedev, the Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Independent States, expressed gratitude to Azerbaijan for organizing the presidential election at an exemplary level.

Speaking on the election process, Lebedev noted the significant voter turnout and emphasized that the organization adhered to international norms. The Secretary General highlighted the diverse socioeconomic backgrounds of the voters and remarked on their positive mood.

“The elections were conducted fairly and transparently, reaching a superior standard. The entire process adhered to the requirements of Azerbaijani legislation,” said Sergey Lebedev.

According to the preliminary results announced by the Central Election Commission, Ilham Aliyev has won the presidential election with 92.05 percent of the votes.


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