Deadline for submitting applications for observing municipal elections in Azerbaijan expiring today

The deadline for submitting applications to the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Azerbaijan for observation in municipal elections to be held in the country on Dec. 23 is expiring, Trend reports.

According to the scheduled plan of the main actions and activities for the preparation and conduct of municipal elections in Azerbaijan, to observe the elections, Azerbaijani citizens with active suffrage, on their own initiative, on the initiative of a registered candidate, political party, bloc of political parties, non-governmental organization operating in the field of elections , international observers should apply to the CEC with a corresponding statement 10 days before election day, i.e. Dec. 13.

Also, the deadline for filing applications to the CEC to obtain special permits in order to monitor the meetings of election commissions before the voting day expires.

Moreover, the deadline the CEC make decisions on the accreditation of organizations applying for exit-polls in municipal elections expires.

Also today is the deadline for the preparation of ballots.


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