Demand for Azerbaijani gas in Europe is growing rapidly: MP

The demand for Azerbaijani gas in Europe is growing rapidly thanks to the fact that Azerbaijan is the newest and last source of energy for Europe and Baku, being a reliable partner, is capable of implementing projects quickly and in a short period of time, Tahir Mirkishili, a member of Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis, told News.Az. 

The MP recalled that last year Azerbaijan exported 19 billion cubic meters of gas. “This volume is expected to reach 22.5 billion cubic meters of gas in 2023, out of which 11.5 billion to Europe,” he said. 

Mirkishili noted that Azerbaijani gas will play a great role in the energy security of many countries, especially Eastern European countries. 

The lawmaker also spoke about Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s participation in the inauguration ceremony of the Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) in Sofia, Bulgaria on October 1. 

He stressed that IGB will open up opportunities for Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Austria and other countries to purchase Azerbaijani gas. 

“IGB will also create an opportunity for several countries to receive Azerbaijani gas using the existing infrastructure without investment,” the MP said. 

Mirkishili said Azerbaijan has already called for the capacity expansion of the existing pipelines. 

“The Trans-Anatolian Gas Pipeline (TANAP) has a capacity to transport 16 billion cubic meters of gas annually, while the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) delivers 10 billion cubic meters of gas every year. Azerbaijan and the EU agreed to significantly expand the pipelines’ capacities,” he added. 

The MP emphasized that the new realities and the successful development of relations with the EU testify to Azerbaijan’s power and growing global reputation.


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