EANA head stresses importance of improving media literacy

It is very important to improve media literacy, Secretary General of European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) Alexandru Giboi said on Friday.

He made the remarks while speaking at a panel session held as part of an international media forum in Shusha, the cultural capital of Azerbaijan, News.Az chief editor Ulviyya Zulfikar reports from the event.

The international media forum, titled “Global trends and new challenges in media,” is organized by the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MEDIA).

Giboi noted that it is extremely important to keep the reader’s trust.

“Young journalists need to be trained to look for alternative sources of information, to double-check the facts. Media literacy and media enlightenment are key success factors for the correct delivery of information,” he said.

The EANA head added that the media resources are an integral part of a person's daily life, and their role is growing.


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