EaP foreign ministers to hold videoconference on June 11

Foreign ministers of the Eastern Partnership member countries will hold a videoconference on June 11.

The ministers will have an informal exchange ahead of the upcoming Eastern Partners Leaders video conference, said a message posted on the European Commission’s website.

Their discussion will centre around the Joint Communication on the Eastern Partnership (EaP) beyond 2020 and its five long-term policy objectives: economy and connectivity; accountable institutions; rule of law and security; the green and digital transformations; and fair and inclusive societies.

They will also review the new proposal to the Joint Communication to reinforce cooperation in the areas of wellbeing and health, with an explicit reference to public health and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ministers will also focus on the EU’s support to the EaP partner countries in the fight against COVID-19, which involves addressing both immediate health sector-related needs, as well as long term socio-economic impacts.  


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