Emmanuel Argo: France ignores UN resolution on rights of people of African descent

The statements voiced by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev regarding France at an international event have become a source of great inspiration for African people, said Emmanuel Argo, Head of Africa Mundus, a French-based organization.

Speaking at an event on the topic “Towards The Complete Elimination of Colonialism” in Baku on Thursday, Emmanuel Argo emphasized that colonizing countries such as France do not comply with the UN resolution on the rights of people of African descent.

He informed that a conference on the protection of the rights of people of African descent is planned to be held in Brazil.

“The support provided to us at such a large-scale event as the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement was very important. I thank President Ilham Aliyev for this. We want the world community to support us and restore our rights,” Emmanuel Argo added. 


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