Erdogan urges nation to open door for 'Century of Türkiye' on May 28

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday called on the nation to open the door for the "Century of Türkiye" by voting for him in the second round of presidential elections on May 28, News.Az reports citing Daily Sabah.

“We believe that on May 28, we will stick to the 'Century of Türkiye' and continue our journey toward a great and powerful Türkiye,” Erdogan wrote on social media.

He reiterated that he and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) have kept their promises and brought many services to the people in all 81 provinces.

Calling on all citizens who prioritize the country and nation, Erdogan continued: “Let's open the doors of a new era in front of Türkiye together. Let's raise the 'Century of Türkiye' together on our shoulders, just as we have made up the deficiencies of our country's centuries-old democracy and development in 21 years.”

Millions of voters went to the polls on May 14 to elect the country's president and members of its 600-seat Parliament.

Erdogan's People's Alliance won a majority in Parliament, while the presidential race is headed to a second round on May 28.

Erdogan will face Kemal Kılıcdaroglu, the leader of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) and joint candidate for the six-party opposition Nation Alliance, in the runoff vote.

Erdogan finished the first round with 49.52% of the vote, while Kilicdaroglu came second at 44.88%, and Sinan Ogan of the ATA Alliance got 5.17%. Ogan recently endorsed Erdogan in the May 28 presidential runoff.


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