EU warns Armenia against pre-election period

"Violence can have a snowball effect."

Head of the EU delegation in Armenia, Peter Svitalsy warned the Armenian authorities about the uncontrolled situation due to cases of violence during the pre-election period, reports citing the Armenian media, according to Azvision.

“Of course, we are concerned because we have seen in other countries. Violence can have a snowball effect. When you do not react to the initial cases of violence adequately, the situation worsens which becomes difficult to control”, Svitalsky told commenting on the incident in Jrarat, Armavir. 

He stated, EU allocated 7 million dollars for holding transparent elections in Armenia and pays close attention to the election campaign. 

Head of the EU delegation recalled citizens to vote regardless of negative experiences and refuse bribes. He also urged voters to inform law enforcement bodies in case they notice violations, even if they are not trusted. 


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