Europe's gas storage almost full for winter

European underground gas storage (UGS) facilities are more than 90% full, according to data provided by Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE).

Gas reserves in European UGS facilities were up at 90.12% as of October 5, which is 2.8 percentage points higher than the five-year average as of this date. Currently, almost 97 bln cubic meters of gas are stored in UGS facilities. Meanwhile, the European storages’ maximum capacity is 107.7 bln cubic meters, according to GIE. Earlier, EU countries assumed the obligation to reach the occupancy level for gas storage facilities of at least 80% for 2022-2023 winter, and of 90% for all future winter periods.

Portugal, Belgium and Poland have reached the highest storage occupancy level of 100%, 100% and 98.08%, respectively. UGS facilities in France are 97.45% full, in Denmark - 98.04% full, in Germany - 93.03%, in Spain - 90.92%, in Italy - 91.94%, in the Netherlands - 92.66%, in Sweden - 92.93%, in Romania - 87.9%, in Slovakia - 89.51%, in Croatia - 93.01%.


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