Expert on Kocharyan’s lust for power: So-called “Karabakh clan” actually collapsed

Armenia’s ex-president Rober Kocharyan’s behavior, which can be described as “uncertain”, shows he is already the past for Armenia, and this is also indicated by the pre-election ratings within the country, where the share of those who want his return to power is on the verge of statistical error, Grigory Trofimchuk, Chairman of the Expert Council of the Foundation for Support of Scientific Research “Workshop of Eurasian Ideas”, told News.Az.

“Therefore, Kocharyan’s uncertainty is directly proportional to PM Nikol Pashinyan’s confidence. Pashinyan had already got up from the ground, cleaned his boots, dusted off his suit and straightened his tie. Moreover, Pashinyan visited the Kremlin, and thereby demonstrated to the Armenian voters that Moscow is for him,” the expert said.

Trofimchuk noted that Kocharyan could, theoretically, raise the pre-election wave, but he does not say anything fundamentally new, except for accusations against Pashinyan, which no longer work, since the latter himself also successfully accuses everyone of a recent military defeat.

“It is also important what the experts are talking about today: the so-called “Karabakh clan” actually collapsed, since its power was not shown to the people, nation, state at the peak moment of the burden, when it was necessary,” the expert added.


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