Expert on political crisis in Armenia: Sargsyan and Kocharyan are ‘already the past’

Armenia’s ex-president Robert Kocharyan cannot lead the state because he is one of the participants of the Khojaly massacre of the Azerbaijani population during the First Karabakh War, Yevgeny Mikhailov, a Russian political analyst told News.Az.

He noted that people like Kocharyan should be punished for their actions.

“Kocharyan creates a problem for PM Nikol Pashinyan, who must fulfill all the agreements on Karabakh. The fact that Kocharyan is now trying to score points for himself on the failure of the Armenian state, which was defeated in the Second Karabakh War, is a futile step,” Mikhailov said.

The Karabakh clan was strong only before the war, the political scientist said, adding. “Now that Serzh Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan are already the past. I think that if someone should come to power in Armenia, then he/she must be a person with a constructive position towards neighbors, and capable of leading the Armenian state to the long-awaited peace and prosperity. I don’t believe that this person can be Kocharyan.”


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