Fighting continued along entire front on last night: Azerbaijani ministry

The Azerbaijani army carried out combat operations in various directions of the front to consolidate the success achieved in the past days. Mutual artillery shelling was recorded.

As a result of the artillery strikes inflicted by the Azerbaijani army, the command and observation post in 5th regiment's defense area of the Armenian armed forces was destroyed. There are many dead and wounded.

Moreover, one tank and 3 artillery installations of the Armenian army were destroyed.

According to the information received, due to the lack of food, the enemy's 1st regiment has serious problems with the provision of food to the personnel. As a result, the personnel of the enemy units willfully leave the combat positions. Other divisions also have serious problems with ammunition and fuel. Due to the lack of cooperation between the enemy units in the field of defense in some directions, fire was opened at each other, there are dead and wounded.


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