FM Cavusoglu: Turkey hopes US won't recognize so-called "Armenian genocide"

Turkey hopes that the US will not make a decision on the recognition of the so-called "Armenian genocide", Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told local media. 

According to the minister, some US presidents have previously touched on this issue.

"If the US takes into account the norms of international law, they will not make such a decision," Cavusoglu said.

“In 1948, the UN clearly expressed its position on this issue,” the minister added. 

Turkey has repeatedly called on Armenia to open historical archives to investigate the events of 1915, but the authorities of this country in every possible way reject these proposals. Armenia and the Armenian lobby claim that the predecessor of Turkey - the Ottoman Empire - committed the so-called "genocide" in 1915 against the Armenians living in Anatolia.


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