Footage of elimination of Armenian diversion group released - VIDEO

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry has released footage of the Armed Forces eliminating an Armenian diversion group.

The footage shows Azerbaijani armed forces open fire at the Armenian diversion group, who then runs off in panic. The footage also shows the dead and wounded being transported away and a military vehicle being destroyed at the site, the Defense Ministry told APA.

At 16:55 (GMT/UTC + 04:00) on Feb. 7, Armenian armed forces began shelling the positions of the Azerbaijani army from different directions along the line of contact, using mortars and large-caliber machine guns, the ministry informed.

As a result of retaliatory actions immediately taken by the Azerbaijani army, engineering structures and firing points of the enemy were destroyed, the defense ministry noted. 

Azerbaijan’s defense ministry stated that the Armenian army, by firing the Azerbaijani positions, was aimed at distracting attention from the attempt to carry out a diversion in another direction in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

According to the ministry, the Azerbaijani army detected Armenia’s actions in advance and immediately took retaliatory measures. The Armenian side was forced to retreat, suffering losses.

The defense ministry stressed that the Azerbaijani army suffered no losses and fully controls the operational situation along the line of contact.  


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