Foreign Ministry: Serbian-made weapons used against Azerbaijani army

Azerbaijan has reliable and confirmed information about weapon supplies from Serbia to Armenia, which were used in an attack in the direction of Tovuz district, said Deputy Foreign Minister Khalaf Khalafov, Trend reports. 

Contacts between the Azerbaijani and Serbian embassies continue, the deputy minister said at a press conference on Thursday. 

"At present, the Serbian side is conducting an investigation in connection with this issue and will give official explanations to Azerbaijan."

“We want to understand reasons for such steps and would like to note that this is a sensitive topic on agenda [of bilateral relations]. Investigations in the area of Armenian-Azerbaijani border has showed that the weapon from which the units of Armenian armed forces shelled civilians and positions of Azerbaijani army is Serbia-made. Of course, it's country of origin of weapons which is responsible for their use and for the fact to which country they are sold,” Khalafov added. 


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