Geomagnetic storm to slow

“Geomagnetic storm that started about five days ago still continues without interruption at times reaching G1 and G2 levels.”

Report informs that the statement came from Deputy Director for Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory named after Nasraddin Tusi of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (ANAS) .

He said this process also continues today: “The reason is solar plasma wind released with a high speed from coronal holes in the Sun. Interestingly, no single sunspot has been observed on the Sun’s surface so far. Generally, if complex situation arises after such spots and flares around them the cosmic air get spoiled. But today’s reason is connected with solar plasma wind blowing from medium-sized coronal hole on the Sun’s surface,” he said.

Babayev said it has been five days that wind reached the space around the planet and the earth is currently embraced by the wind. “And this caused geomagnetic storm. When the cosmic weather tandems with spoiled weather conditions uncomfortable situation increases. In that case, doctors advise to take preventive measures. This situation mainly affects those people at risk. People suffering from chronic disease of cardiovascular system, relatively old people and young children are more exposed to increased discomfort. Usually it shows itself in the form of impulsive headaches and increase of fatigue. There is no need for panic. It is believed that from tomorrow the situation will be normalized.” 





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