Georgian Justice Ministry launches large-scale social campaign against violence

Georgia’s Justice Ministry has announced a large-scale campaign against violence and presented a webpage that will facilitate people’s involvement in the campai

The name of the social campaign is #იმოქმედე (#beactive) and the webpage is
Those visiting the webpage can learn about the legal changes to about 20 laws which provide better protection for the victims of violence, according to

The webpage has a button, I Join, through which each visitor can become part of the campaign.

Visitors can ask questions and receive answers online, express their views, and even leave anonymous messages concerning instances of violence. 

Within the social campaign, the Ministry will also hold meetings in educational institutions and will host free-of-charge trainings in its justice houses and community centres in order to ensure  high-level support to victims of domestic and other forms of violence.

A poster competition about violence will also be announced.

Until the end of the year, the Ministry intends to hold trainings in all regions of Georgia to raise awareness about violence and to effectively combat it.

200 people have already attended trainings; In total, 2,500 people will be able to attend the trainings.
The Ministry will also use TV channels as an avenue to advertise three videos.

The videos aim to increase people’s participation in the campaign and encourage them to be more active in the fight against violence.    


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